new JoinSplitFluidProof(type, currentTotalValueNote, newTotalValueNote, adjustedNotes, sender)

JoinSplitFluidProof, this is a variation of the JoinSplit proof and is used to construct mint or burn proofs. A mint proof is one in which AZTEC notes are artificially created, without any transfer of ERC20 tokens, whilst a burn proof is on in which AZTEC notes are artifically destroyed, without any transfer of ERC20 tokens.

It is important to have the ability to keep track of the total number of minted or burned notes. To do this, currentTotalValueNote and newTotalValueNote are supplied to the proof. currentTotalValueNote is an AZTEC note representing the current total value of notes minted or burned. newTotalValueNote is the total number of notes that will have been minted or burned after the execution of the proof.

The balancing relationship being satisfied is:

currentTotalValue = newTotalValue + adjustedNotesValue

The cryptography of both proofs is the same as the JoinSplit proof, the difference is that there must be a minimum of 2 notes.

Name Type Description
type string

name of the proof being executed, MINT or BURN

currentTotalValueNote Object

note whose value represents the total current value of minted or burned notes

newTotalValueNote Object

note whose value represents the new total value of minted or burned notes

adjustedNotes Array.<Object>

notes to be minted or burned

sender string

Ethereum address of the transaction sender




We may remove this function in the future and let the upper JoinSplitProof class handle the challenge construction. In the interim, we need it because the join split fluid validator doesn't expect the public owner in the challenge.


encodeABI() → {Object}

Encode the mint proof as data for an Ethereum transaction