new PublicRangeProof66563(originalNote, publicComparison, sender, isGreaterOrEqual, utilityNote, safeguard)

Constructs a public range proof that a note is greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to a public integer. Control of whether a > or < proof is constructed is determined by an input boolean 'isGreaterOrEqual'.

The balancing relation being satisfied is: originalNoteValue = publicComparison + utilityNoteValue

Name Type Default Description
originalNote Object

the note that a user is comparing against the publicComparison

publicComparison Number

publicly visible integer, which the note is being compared against

sender string

Ethereum address of the transaction sender

isGreaterOrEqual bool

modifier controlling whether this is a greater than, or less than proof. If true, it is a proof that originalNoteValue > publicComparison. If false, it is a proof that originalNoteValue < publicComparison

utilityNote Note

a helper note that is needed to satisfy a cryptographic balancing relation

safeguard boolean true

Boolean flag to turn on a balancing check prior to construction of proof




Check that notes have been supplied which satisfy the publicRange balancing relationship

Balancing relationship: originalNoteValue = publicComparison + utilityNoteValue



Control whether the proof is used for a greater than (originalNote > publicComparison) or less than (originalNote < publicComparison) proof.

If greater than, the input publicComparison value is unchanged.

If less than, the publicComparison value is negated; in order to satisfy the balancing relationship